5 Do-Ables before Tile Flooring

1. Fix the foundation problems?
Think twice before you install tile. If your foundation is shifting, your tile will too. This can lead to cracks and breaks that cost money to repair and aren’t a pleasant sight. Softer, more flexible floors like vinyl or laminate will handle foundation movement better than a hard surface like tile.

2. Use Tile Bond instead of cement?
Tile bond has plenty of benefits. Tile bond is very easy to shape in outside corners where tile wraps around a wall, curb or shower niche. At the other side It is harder to achieve the same effect with cement grout, since it takes a little longer to set up in the grout joint. Tile bond sets quickly, so you don’t want to mix all the cement for the bathroom and then rush it into place.

3. Buy tiles in ample quantity?
While doing tile selection buy some extra tile for future endeavors, As we know tiles are improvising very quickly and there are more chances that the tiles you buying may short or vanished from your vendor.

4. Considering your room & home interior
Without considering your room and home interior tile selection will be problematic, and you feel dull and boring.

5.Lay Out the Pattern
Start by measuring the floor, then snap a chalk line down the middle of the floor’s longest dimension, Mark a second line across the middle of the floor’s shortest dimension. By dividing the room into quadrants, you can begin tiling from the center point using your lines as a guide. Before you apply mastic and install the tiles, do a dry run to check your layout and make any necessary adjustments. Your tile supplier can recommend the correct size spacers for your tiles.