5 Dominant points to Consider while selecting a Bathroom Toilet.


Toilet is an important part of our home, it is a basic thing, which is used, in our day to day life and in most of the homes the same toilet is used for around 15 to 20 years. It is better to look over the valuable aspects such that it will give you a fulfillment while using it.

1. #Size of Toilet.
Toilets are available in various sizes. The size of the toilet is decided according to the size of the bathroom. You have to choose the size of the toilet, which go well with your bathroom size. If you select a bigger size toilet for a small bathroom, you may face out of space problem so choose the size of the toilet, which fits your bathroom well.

2.#Color of Toilet.
When we come to Color we can choose the color of a toilet which matches your home wall color. Nowadays we get toilets in various exiting colors, also there are many decorated designed toilets are available. When you choose a decorative toilet you can buy as a set which comes as a pack containing Toilet and wash basin along with pedestal with same design that gives a good and unique look to your bathroom.

3. #Design of Toilet.
When we go to buy a product everyone notices the look / design of the toilet. Toilets are available in various designs. You can have a look on different types of toilet link and get an idea about the designs of the toilets available at the market. By seeing, the designs you can choose a toilet design which you like and suits your bathroom.

4. #Flushing Mechanism.
There are two types in flushing mechanism single flush and dual flush. Some toilets have single flushing mechanism and some have dual flushing mechanism. Single flush utilizes more water at single use. Always its better to choose dual flush toilet while buying. The advantage of using dual flushing mechanism is it saves water when compared to single flush models. Also in flushing mechanism you can choose internal flushing tank which is called as Concealed tank. A concealed tank can be fixed inside the wall so that the tank is invisible and the tank can be connected to the toilet.

5. #Flushing Capacity That Saves Water.
There are toilets available with all level of flushing capacity like there are flushing tanks uses 1 litre / 2 litre / 3 litre / 4 litre / 5 litre / and more water to flush your toilets. Nowadays water is a more important mania, which has to be saved for future purpose. Hence keeping this in mind you can select a water saving flushing tank for your bathroom as a best choice.