Most people call their office their “second home” since they spend a large chunk of their time there daily.
Since the office is such an important place, it is wise to pay attention to its design so that employees can produce their best work.

1. Seek Employees’ Input
Before you start the renovation, it is important to gather your employees’ feedback and take it into consideration. Research has shown that employees feel happier when they are given the autonomy to decide where and how they work.

2. Determining the Available Space
The next step is figuring out the amount of available space and factor in electrical and water points as well as any potential challenges that you may face in your renovation.

3. Save the Earth, Save Costs
An often-neglected aspect of renovation is how to use energy efficiently. There is also good reason to do so – you can enjoy cost savings when you go “green”. At the same time, you do a good deed by saving the earth.

4. Business Continuity Plan
Depending on the purpose of the renovation, the time required will vary and this has an impact on your office operations and employees.For small-scale renovations, you can renovate area by area to avoid disrupting business operations.

5. Showcasing your Corporate Identity
When someone enters your office, the first thing they notice is the design. This aspect is also gaining companies’ attention. They notes that more companies are keen to showcase their corporate identity through interior design.

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