5 things you should consider before installing outdoor tiles!


1. Tiles that built to hold up to the elements.
Depending on where you live, outdoor tiles may be exposed to extreme weather conditions, so you will need to look for tiles that can resist weather and temperature variations. In particular, go for unglazed tiles with a very low porosity, as pores and glaze are more likely to offer humidity a way in.

2. Tile bond needs to be wider.
We highlighted how one of the main functions of tile bond is to give tiles room for natural movements. Outdoor tiles need more tile bond because they also need to accommodate expansions and contractions resulting from sudden temperature changes. Think for example of the amount of stress a dark tile has to endure on a hot summer day, when it first accumulates a lot of heat, and then it’s cooled down by a sudden shower.

3. Think about water drains.
Think of an open space covered with tiles.An outdoor tiled surface needs to be inclined and to include drainage holes, to keep water away from the home and also to avoid stagnation.

4. Protect tiles during installation.
Even if the material you are using is perfectly suitable for an outdoor use, the installation phase is the most delicate, and if conditions are not ideal, the resilience and duration of the installation could be seriously compromised. In this phase, it’s therefore important to preserve the site as much as possible.

5. Lay the outdoor tiles on concrete.
This means that any pre-existing wood coverings will have to be removed. The more flexible the support of your tiles, the higher the probability they will break. Imagine what would happen if you placed a glass tile on a carpet and then stepped on it.