HIGO, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan By Makoto Nakayama Architects-2015

HIGO is a project that I tried to create an architecture using traditional Japanese bamboo strip like thin material. This three story steel structure was designed with “slim,” “thin,” and “small” in mind. I thought of the ways to place the vast amount of books and documents we have into the architecture, to make bookshelves and books as a part of the interior design as well as the architecture, and to create openings freely without restrictions. I examined the possibility of creating a delicate and elegant bare metal structure.
HIGO is constructed with steel parts made as slim as possible. With hardly any partitioning walls one can see outside through scattered openings. Sitting down in the corner of the office, sunlight comes through the gaps in bookshelves surrounding the building, looking up through the floor glass the scene in front of you is just likes the one you experienced in the forest.
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