How to professionally remove and replace tiles?

1. Remove Grout: First isolate the broken tile from the rest of the floor by using a hammer and chisel to remove the grout around the tile.

2. Remove Tile: Use the hammer and chisel to remove part of the tile, then position the chisel under the remaining tile and tap and pry it to remove it from the sub-floor.

3. Remove Adhesive: Use a putty knife or chisel to remove the old adhesive on the sub-floor.

4. Clean Floor: Use a shop vac to thoroughly clean the area of the broken tile.

5. Apply Adhesive: Apply all purpose thin-set tile adhesive to the sub-floor in the tile area with a notched trowel.

6. Position New Tile: Put the new tile in place, making sure the margins around the tile are equal, and the tile is flush and level with the rest of the floor.

7. Allow to Set: Allow the tile adhesive to set for several hours.

8. Apply Grout: Apply grout to the margins with a rubber float.

9. Remove Excess Grout: Remove any excess grout while wet using a damp sponge.

10. Clean Existing Grout: If needed, clean the old grout with a bleach solution to match the new grout.

11. Seal Grout: Once the grout has dried for the recommended period of time, seal it with grout sealer to prevent staining.

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