Kitchen and cabinet designers are constantly coming up with solutions to make working in your kitchen easier and more functional.

Easy cutting.
This pullout is so clever. It has a nice extension for chopping at counter height, and when both drawers are pulled out, you can swipe the waste directly through the hole into the bin.

Small-appliance solutions.
These mixers are heavy. This solution lifts a cumbersome kitchen appliance like a mixer up to countertop level with ease.

Utensil canister inserts.
Easy access to these cooking tools is imperative, but they don’t fit into silverware organizers and often wind up in a canister on the counter. These deep drawers with built-in canisters are an elegant and convenient solution.

A hidden place for charging.
Speaking of counter clutter, personal devices are the worst. And they’re full of germs — not a good mix with surfaces where you prepare food. Charging drawers keep them tucked away, safe from spills and ready for playing podcasts and looking up recipes while you’re working in the kitchen.

Upper cabinet storage below.
With open shelving and windows where our china and glassware storage used to be, lower cabinets need to work much harder and smarter these days.

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