London Aquatics Centre-2012 by Zaha Hadid Architects.

The Aquatics Centre is the designated venue for all Olympic swimming, synchronized swimming and diving events. The building is aligned perpendicularly to the pedestrian access to the Olympic Park via Stafford City Bridge. The impressive structure enjoys high visibility due to its location near the primary north-eastern gateway to the Park.

The truly striking effect of the flowing, undulating design of the roof will be fully disclosed after the Olympic Games, once the two steeply ascending, additional seating structures are removed. As much as 2,800 tonnes of steel were needed to give the 160-metre-long and 80-metre-wide roof its light and floating look.

Sculpturally shaped diving platforms made of fair-faced concrete protrude elegantly over the pool for the divers. Interior access paths and traffic areas are dominated by noble fair-faced concrete contrasted by plain white tiles.

The atmosphere in an adjacent hall with a training pool is pleasant, yet surprisingly sober for a Hadid design, with only a disciplined pattern of leaf-shaped skylights piercing the fair-faced concrete ceiling. The significantly lower height requirement allowed placement under the pedestrian access bridge mentioned earlier.

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