Marmara University Faculty of Theology Mosque,Turkey by Hassa Architecture Engineering Co-2015!

The culture centre including classrooms, conference hall, exhibition spaces, book cafe and cinevision rooms, was considered as an attraction centre of social life. With all these functions, the project constitutes the concept of “complex”, group of buildings gathered together in the urban scale with its urban square. Dialectics of human-space relations, considering tawhid, the oneness of God concept and poetics and its phenomenology in classical architecture, was combined in this project by today’s materials and construction techniques. Through lack of this concept, some projects as trials were designed as either bad repetitions or as providing only prayer requirements with a completely functionalist style, ignoring the poetics of space. Therefore, this mosque was designed in a convenient way in relation to its precedents and as a reaction to “classical mosque-modern mosque” contradiction, in order to create a new style with new materials. The mosque, dodecagon plan, was built as steel construction above a reinforced concrete base.
Load-bearing columns link to an internal wall of the dome with steel beams in the form of traditional Turkish triangles. Over the ridge rib, there is multiple-stage spiral structure. At the top point, there is a skylight inspiring from muqarnas and the crescent of the main dome mounts over it. As for the interior space, to comprehend the image of the structure from the inside, movement of spiral glass structure and it’s joining with glass muqarnas cover at the top are also seen from the interior of the mosque. Here, unlike the outside, the person is surrounded by the structure which they perceive from outside.

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